Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New intro for 2010

I have a new variety being introduced by Rogue Valley Roses for 2010. It is a large shrub/climber called 'Janet Inada'. Take a look at it on the RVR web site: 'Janet Inada' for more information.


  1. Paul, maybe you have noticed me lately in the RHA Forum ?
    As I I've bred this year the 1st time also with 'AD', I took a look in the descendent list at HMF to get an idea what the result could be of 'AD' x 'Sympathie'.
    So I still have your 'Westerland' cross there really great.
    I was also impressed of the result from crossing 'AD' with 'Bonica'.


  2. Exquisite color and detail on this beauty.
    Paul, I am emailing you back about photworkshop,if you have any questions let me know.

  3. How fertile (either way) is this one Paul?
    BTW it also appeals heaps to me.

    George, Sydney Australia

  4. Paul, your 'Janet Inada' has 'Westerland' as seed parent. Is 'Westerland' a good seed setter/seed parent in crosses for you in your climate? I can get one here, and may use it as such if you recommend it favorably.

  5. George,
    Westerland is a very easy seed parent for me, yes. It accepts most any pollen and produces copious seed. My experience so far indicates that it has much potential as a breeder. Why it doesn't appear in more rose pedigrees is a mystery to me.