Friday, June 11, 2010


By growing a population of self pollinated seedlings from a
prospective breeder, you discover that it has some serious genetic
flaws that disqualify it as a breeder. This would be one of those
times :-/


  1. Maybe you should contact Meilland... I reckon you're on a winner here ;)

  2. *laughs*
    Methinks one of these in commerce is plenty!

  3. Freaky thing and kind of scary. BTW, I just fell in my DA "Teasing Georgia" this morning and almost walked away with a crown of thorns. I remember reading an article you wrote about a friend of yours that experiences the same. I lay there laughing about it with thorns piercing me everywhere. Now my neigbours think I am a freak. :)

  4. Your call.. you've got a good name for it and everything... 'Wretched' has a kinda of a ring to it ;) Nothing says love like a whole bunch of 'Wretched'

  5. Now if you could only get those proliferations in it to be blue or black instead of green, you could call it "Birds' Nest."

  6. Is that genetic or due to our three month long cold rainy March? I had a lot of the flowers on my otherwise normal Perle d'or look like that. The other roses balled and rotted by Perle d'or was like a walking onion in that the petals were stunted and it was sprouting from the center? Any ideas?

  7. what line did it come out from?

  8. Patrick,
    In this case, the flaw is genetic: 3/4 of this cross has some degree of proliferation.

    This is from a batch of self pollinated seeds from an un-named Ralph Moore orange and yellow striped Floribunda.