Thursday, July 15, 2010

Golden Glow X Morden Sunrise

Two years ago I gave up on Golden Glow as a breeder; it kept giving me whites and pinks and the occasional sickly pale yellow. I'm 2009 I acquired Morden Sunrise for breeding and decided to make one last try with Golden Glow, and mated these two. The seedling pictured here (43-09-02) is one of three that I kept. The other two are medium yellows. Although these seedlings may not offer anything in terms of Blackspot resistance, they may have superior Winter hardiness in cold climates.

It is interesting to note that all of the remontant seedlings obtained from various Morden Sunrise crosses have that unusual Cinnamon/musk fragrance!


  1. uhhh! Congratulations, to couleurs as well as the fragrance!!

  2. Merci beaucoup!
    If nothing else, it may prove to be a useful stepping stone to get to better things.

  3. Very nice mix of colors. Almost like a sunset in autumn. It is a amazing petal count considering Morden Sunrise does not have anything close to that. It seems most of the seedlings I've seen posted with it as a parent are singles or semi-doubles.

  4. Wu,
    Indeed, the petal count surprised me also. All three I kept from this cross are quite double. Curiously, the cross of Abraham Darby X Morden Sunrise gave many singles or semi-doubles. Abe usually delivers impossibly double offspring, but not in this instance.

  5. Lovely rose Paul. Congratulations! Interesting that GG produces so many non yellows. I had bought it from Sequoia several years ago in the hopes of getting nice yellows. It use to be mentioned on GW and other sites as a would be breeder all the time although seldom now. I was thinking of buying Morden Sunrise till someone on Help Me Find mentioned it is armed with prickles. I just hate prickles.
    Thanks for your lovely informative site and mentoring me and others.