Thursday, August 12, 2010

99-08-01: Scarlet Moss X William Baffin

Having used both 'William Baffin' and 'Scarlet Moss' for several years in breeding, I have recognized that both have the ability to sire offspring with superior Blackspot (and Mildew) resistance. It was only a matter of time, I suppose, that the two should meet. This is one of three seedlings I have saved from this 2008 cross, and it is by far the better one. (the other two, although have promise as plants, are rather dull, deep pinks)

This shrub is an arching, large plant that appears to have much of 'William Baffin's habit, but possibly more lax. It isn't mature enough to know for sure how it will grow, but the clues are there. It is quite thorny, although the thorns are bent at the tips and not at all inclined to rip flesh, as some do. Blooms are 3" across, in clusters of five or more, about ten petals each and a clean, medium red as you can see. It is also obvious that the buds are decently mossy, a trait I expected to lose in this cross!

Now the thing is to determine how good its Blackspot resistance is. Its the first Summer out in the garden, so until it has seen a Spring, its premature to say anything about disease resistance. (Although it has been remarkably Mildew free so far, unlike most Mosses grown here)

If nothing else, this will find its way into the 2011 breeding schedule, to see what traits it passes along. It has set open pollinated seed freely and those will be germinated next Spring to evaluate the plant's potential.

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  1. I did a similar cross substituting Rose Gilardi for Scarlet Moss but the two probably have similar parentage. I decided on doing the cross last summer when I noticed the buds of William Baffin are not exactly smooth but vaguely hinting of most at least to me. Plus I like the disease resistance of both. Your cross and my cross sound like a winner to me. The top picture is very nice with the moss. A unusual view. So I do not know what crosses you are planning but I do like the idea of crossing it with Incantation, Rose Gilardi or a spinosissima. I think the first two cross could concentrate the genes that make for resistance. Plus the second one could also improve the number of moss genes. The last cross I propose I just was thinking back to your William III cross. But those are just my ideas I am sure you already have something better in mind. I will look forward to the future to see what direction you take with it. Good luck.