Friday, December 17, 2010

Sorting through my photo library.

I have so many photos I have to organize, its not funny. Most of it is documentation of the rose garden; seedlings and named varieties. I found this image from '08, illustrating my oldest specimen of 'Joyce Barden' my first commercial introduction from 1999.


  1. What a beauty! (And the rose is nice too.)

  2. Hi Paul!

    Thanks for sharing this very natural pic of you and your significant rose creation.

    It is awsome to consider what we can achieve in our lifetime, if there is a spark/passion to pursue the things that really matter to us, as individuals, rather than the things that matter to others.

    This portrait of "rose breeder and rose" has a very inspirational as well as a very calming almsot meditative feel about it!!

    It shows total harmony and balance IMO.