Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little Scallywag

This little fellow is a seedling I have long ignored, planted out in the long beds of Ralph Moore hybrids. Bred in 2002, its a cross of 'Oakington Ruby' and 'Little Chief'. I made this cross just as an experiment, really, to see what good ol' 'Oakington Ruby' might have up its proverbial sleeve.

This seedling is very dwarf, about 5" tall but spreading to 14" wide. It produces masses of blooms, with up to 80 flowers on a single basal panicle. Each bloom is about dime-sized. I never noticed this before, but it sets seed. I should leave the seeds where they are, but knowing me......


  1. Cute little plant. When I saw it I thought it was another of the Lens crosses you talked about in your last post. If the seed does germinate what plans do you have for it? When I thought what I would do with it I thought I would cross it to the Lens crosses or your (R. wichurana X 'Floradora') X (R. wichurana X 'Floradora') if it were me. I guess it not very imaginative but it seems like a good cross to me. Probably lead to a plant heavily dominated by miniaturization and probably pink to rosy pink in color. Probably quiet a few micro-miniatures would come from it. But since you like breeding shurbs more than anything and many of your crosses would not even pass my mind I would be interested in your thoughts.Oh! one last thing why do you call it little Scallywag.

  2. "why do you call it little Scallywag."

    Why not?! I looked at it this morning and the name just popped into my head. And no, I won't seriously consider using it in breeding: it has a serious issue with Blackspot. I view it solely as a novelty, like 'Hi'.

  3. Too bad about the blackspot. On the name I just thought there might be a story behind it. So which Hi do you rule out for breeding?