Sunday, May 1, 2011

L83 in bloom

L83, the AgCan Kordesii breeder is in bloom now. Pollen available upon request, for the hybridizers reading this.


  1. Now I understand where that pink came from in the AgCan roses

  2. Pink is by far the dominant genetic force in roses, period. L83 is no more subject to this factor than any other rose, and in fact, it is remarkably capable of producing offspring in a wide range of hues than many other roses I work with. I have seen it breed beautiful clear yellows and oranges when mated with the right thing. If the Canadian roses give the impression they are dominated by pinks, the hardiness selection process is more to blame than roses like L83. It should also be noted that L83 is one of the minor influences in the AgCan breeding program. Cultivars like "Red Dawn X Suzanne" played a much greater role, and likely contributed more to the "empinkening" of the race than any other.