Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grapey surprise.

27-09-02: 'Midnight Blue' X "MORsoul". The latter is an unreleased Moore hybrid from 'Anytime' X R. soulieana. It was one parent of Ralph's lovely little 'Baby Austin'.

This was a huge surprise, color wise. I selected 'Midnight Blue' knowing that if anything could add color to a cross that might bleach out to pale pinks or peaches using most any other parent, 'Midnight Blue' could. I guess I wasn't wrong! This is the second selection that has bloomed in a very dark color. Much darker than anything I imagined possible. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that R. soulieana is represented on both sides of the parentage equation? Hmmm.

Bloom form is a bit disorganized, but that might right itself in time. It is already forming the next blooms just as the first is opening, and lots of new growth is appearing from the base, indicating a potentially shrubby, compact habit. Oh, and has a fragrance too. Fun, eh wot?


  1. Wow, Paul! I hope the disorganized shape does right itself. This could be something really FUN! Kim

  2. There's some potential right there, Paul!

  3. Yup, it sure has that real interesting look and sound about it!
    Good luck with this little unpolished gem.
    Can't WAIT to get MB here......maybe end of this year MB might become available down under... *crosses fingers*

    George Varden