Monday, May 4, 2009

My trusty assistant

This is my trusty assistant in the greenhouse, Isabel. Ever vigilant, she helps maintain order in the chaos that is my workspace. ;-)


  1. All Hail Isabel! What a beautiful cat!

  2. Her story is one of both great sadness and great luck: she was found last October living under the boardwalk in the city's "restoration project" park on the north border of our farm. She was a "dumper" that our Vet estimated was four months old at the time we found her. (What kind of %@#$*&^$ would abandon a four month old kitten into an empty restoration park???) At that point her bad luck turned good when we decided to rescue her and adopt her into the group. She has turned out to be the most fun-loving cat I have ever known and she is the darling of the farm. Indeed; all hail Isabel!

    /me flips off the loser #@*!#$%*! who dumped her under the boardwalk.

  3. Sounds like one of our cats; Mardi (because I rescued her on a Tuesday). She was found dumped at the school I was teaching at about 7 years ago... she was also under a year old and the high school kids were torturing her. I got stuck into the kids and took Mardi to the vet to have her checked out and she's been with us ever since. A few weeks after bringing her home she had 6 kittens under my daughter's bed and we kept one of the boys (his name is Banjo after Banjo Paterson) and he too is still with us today (though he has well and truly used his nine lives and now must be more cautious in how he leads his life!). I love a happy ever after story :) They've been overseas with us and back again and are the best travelled strays you will ever find :) Immanuel Kant was famous for saying "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals" so I too flip the dumpers and the (now adult) kids that tortured poor Mardi. Isabel's a lovely looking contented cat :)

  4. Hopefully Karma will pay these people back. I had a dog that was beaten. It took the dog two or three months to figure out that I was not going to hit it. People can be so cruel.

  5. People! Feh! I stopped doing Ferret Rescue not because I couldn't take on any more ferrets, but because I couldn't deal with the [shocking bad word] people....

    Now I live on a farm that runs along a minor highway. Every now and then a cat just "shows up." One day I went into Hygiene to get the mail. Couldn't have been gone more than ten minutes. When I got back there was a box in my mud room. In the box was Katie. Ten days later, she had four kittens... Well, it's twelve years later and Katie and the kittens are still here. Katie routinely smacks her kids around (including her 17 pound son) and tells them to get jobs and move out already!

    I got a gorgeous calico that was being tortured by little kids at -three weeks!!!!- ... she spent her first weekend with us in the ICU, but she's fine now. Still terrified of little kids.

    My two dogs were found on the highway dodging traffic when the puppy was 12 weeks old.

    And Joy... my dogs found Joy on the back porch, 9 weeks old, starving and dehydrated. This cat is a genius; she fetches toys, open drawers (and the refrigerator) flushes toilets and turns on faucets just to watch the water, but mostly spends her time in my arms purring away.

    And don't get me started on Dana the ostrich!

    I flip the bird in my finest Italian manner at all these people! And all hail all the cats and dogs who love us and appreciate our efforts in spite of a past they'd rather forget.