Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They just keep getting better.

The 77-07 group of L83 seedlings continue to flower, and yesterday there was a new crimson seedling that is the best of the lot so far. (Click on photo) Today this bloom has opened to a deep crimson red with purplish splashes on the outer petals, expanding to 4" in diameter. Slight fragrance. Very busy afternoon watering and out pollinating some of the Rugosas, but I wanted to share this photo with you.


  1. I really like the purplish splashes. But I also like how some of the earlier red roses changed as they aged. Maybe if I had more room I would examine some of these photosensitive roses not just the red ones but the yellow that changes to pink and excetra. It would be more out of curiosity than anything. But I really like this one and the one posted just before it. I would think L83 would breed something more common looking. Something pink with maybe a double row of petals come to my mind.

  2. I have an old bourbon called 'Vivid' that has this darker purple edge on a similarly coloured flower. This flower burns quite badly on the darker purple parts when it flowers. I'd like to play with the photosentsitive and age dependent pigments too... from mutabilis.

  3. Wuchen,
    Yes, you would think L83 would deliver a lot of single pink offspring, but I found with this cross at least, most were at least 25 petals or more, and richly colored. Who knew?!

    Often dark colors are problematic in that they tend to burn in the sun. I have several roses I consider very beautiful that cannot tolerate full sun without burning. :-(
    As for photosensitive roses, I don't like the paler roses that take on a "sun tan" blush because I feel like these are pleasant colors that are sullied by the application of "magic marker" overlays. Just a personal preference. However, of the lot, 'Mutabilis' does it right.