Monday, April 19, 2010

72-08: mossy Spinosissima cross updated.

A couple of weeks ago I posted here about a Spinosissima cross I made in '08, of which several seedlings were preparing to flower for the first time. Well, I just wanted to submit a quick photo update to show the progress of the buds of one of these. As you can see, the buds are mossed in a most peculiar manner, with spikes on the receptacle! I will be using its pollen (assuming it presents any) in some crosses this Spring to see if I can recover remontancy in the next generation. I have hopes that some of this cross will be fertile and might add something to the shrub architecture and hardiness of my work.

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  1. Paul that's visually beautiful-- I like moss roses with soft and heavy mossing. But I appreciate too the stiff sparely mossed roses too because they remind me of a puffer fish. That mossy spinosissima reminds me especially of a puffer fish. (Perhaps that's a possible name you should use in the future?)