Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spinosissima Surprise.

72-08-11: 'Condoleezza' X 'William III'

I made this cross in late May of 2008, on a whim. I wanted to determine what, if any, fertility the Spinosissima hybrid 'William III' might have. It is a remarkably sturdy, disease free rose with great charm in a garden setting, and exquisitely scented purplish-pink blooms. I figured it might have some merit in breeding for improved care-free shrubs. I chose 'Condoleezza' simply because it is my "indicator" rose for breeding. If 'Condoleezza' won't take a specific pollen, nothing will.

What I got was about 7 well developed hips full of seed, and nearly every one of 'em germinated. The result was about 70 seedlings, of which I selected about 30 to grow on. (I made selections based solely on vigor, health and attractive growth habits/foliage, as none of these would bloom will the next year) Well, these are now leafed out and the first three are showing buds. Much to my surprise, all three are Mosses! ('Condoleezza' is very hit-or-miss when it comes to transmitting the mossing trait) Shown here is the most well developed of the three, clearly illustrating well mossed buds. Suddenly these seedlings are far more interesting to me as far as taking them forward into another generation is concerned. I will post more images as these grow.

More info about 'Condoleezza' here.


  1. It is good to know that it is pollen fertile. Do you know how well the seed grows?

  2. Any news on the colour of this one yet? 'William III" is such a beautiful rose in itself... I'm picturing something with spin. form and features with apricot coloured flowers + mossing and that white edge 'Condoleezza' has on your website's homepage.

  3. Simon,
    No color showing yet, no. I'll post a photo when I can see some color. :-)

    No idea how readily the seed of 'William III' germinates, no. I'm guessing they are easy seeds.

  4. Any updates on the flower of this... Looking forward to seeing it.. I bought 'William III' this year to try as you have done :)