Saturday, April 3, 2010

97-09: Golden Angel X Reve d'Or

An ocean of possibilities!


  1. Very very cool! Bring on the mini Teas! For someone who isn't breeding minis anymore the last two posts has been great ;) Knew you couldn't stay away from them! I was thinking just today that I should get Reve d'Or... it's showing up a bit in Viru's work and was also in something else I was looking at today. Brings my winter purchases up to only four rose this year; 'Trier', and 'Reve d'Or', R. glauca, and 'Marie Van Houte'. Am hoping to get similar results with my 'Comtesse de Labarthe' x 'Rise n Shine' too. I have a yellow mini here I think is 'Golden Angel' too... I tried it with 'Scabrosa' and it failed to take. Will do as you have done and try it as a seed parent next season. What's the bet these little seedlings of yours will be diploid given GA is a triploid!

  2. Actually, I am hoping to be able to select a range of full sized shrubs and climber-esque seedlings from this cross. I'm really not interested in the miniature aspect of it unless something remarkable turns up. Time will tell, huh?!