Wednesday, March 31, 2010

25-07-07: one of the first to flower.

Busy day, potting up assorted seedlings of all kinds....

Just wanted to share this photo. Seedling #25-07-07, 'Midnight Blue' X 'Pinstripe'. Yes, its a miniature, and yes, it is richly fragrant, and yes, this is its true color. Strongly scented Miniatures of any kind are rare, and to have such a beautiful deep color as well is a real treat. I hope folks will like this one. I will be propagating it this Summer with the idea of making it commercially available as soon as possible. (Through Rogue Valley Roses, no doubt)

Back to potting up seedlings.....


  1. Very nice. It certainly is very dark and has a lot of petals.

  2. Gorgeous! This one needs a good name. Something that evokes the color and scent. How about Mulberry Pie?

    BTW, I have a link to you on my new web site. :)

  3. Glad you like it. As it happens, this has already had a name assigned to it, but that won't be public information until closer to the release date :-)

  4. Count me in for one when you introduce it !