Friday, January 28, 2011

0-47-19 tidied up and ready to go.

This is the Moore Rambler 0-47-19, a typical Wichurana Rambler in most every way. I keep several plants of it on the farm, because you never know when a Gopher or other force of nature might decide to destroy a plant. Backups are as meaningful in an archive of plants as they are with your hard drive!
Twas a pleasant afternoon yesterday and so I spent a pleasant hour in greenhouse 3 tidying up this 0-47-19, getting the canes all wound together into orderly fashion, so they'd be accessible for pollination in May.


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  2. I would love to see a before and after photo of this one. Great idea, stringing it up like that to an easy workable height too... What are your plans for 0-47-19 this coming season? I was going through the 0-47-19 seedlings from your seed today and am pleased to say that of the 6 that I kept, 4 are remontant and will be put in the ground this autumn when it cools down a bit :-) The non-remotant ones are interesting... good health but very strong... great looking foliage.

  3. She's a little monster!