Friday, January 7, 2011


I finally located a photo of an open bloom of 72-08-11 (Condoleezza X William III), mentioned last Spring in a blog post. Not much of a photo (low res from my iPhone) but you get the idea. This reminds me of 'Great Maiden's Blush' in color and form, and it has a decent fragrance as well. See the spiky mossing on the bud in the upper left?

I plan on working a few of this group of 72-08s into breeding this coming spring, assuming any of them have fertility. Who knows, maybe the Spinisissima genes will be a new resource for winter hardiness and disease resistance.


  1. That's pretty awesome... beautiful buds!

    You know how I mentioned I bought 'William III' based on your blog entry mentioned above and that I had found it relucatant to release any pollen... I got around it :-) I picked WIII flowers and stripped petals off and emasculated the flowers I wanted to pollinate and then sat WIII on top of it, anthers facing down, got a piece of clear waterproof cellotape and taped it down, bagged it and left it for a week :-) I've got a few hips forming now from this method.

  2. Love this one! The buds are the best and the color with that hint of yellow at the base is beautiful. I just bought William III from Rogue Valley Roses. I'm trying to add more spinosissimas.

  3. The "Spinny"s are a remarkably study lot, and every year I grow to appreciate them more and more.