Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From the archive, #3

121-06-14 = 174-02-17 (Sheri Anne X Out of Yesteryear) X Tradescant.

Once again, I am indoors by the wood stove on a cold and foggy morning, sorting through my photo archives as part of a dual effort: catalog the photos, and locate pics appropriate to use in the new database I am building to document my breeding program. The seedling pictured here is currently under evaluation for its garden-worthiness, and it has great potential so far.

Speaking of databases, any of you hybridizers working with plants of any kind, looking for a great way to document your breeding plants and seedlings, I would like to recommend Tap Forms for the iOS platform. (iOS is the operating system that runs the Apple devices: iPhones, iPad, etc) Tap Forms has turned out to be the ideal tool for documenting in great detail every seedling I am using, and includes a way to include full sized photos, Web URLs for external reference, and all the stuff you'd expect to want to record, like growth habit, fertility, parentage, etc. etc. It also provides multiple ways to back up data, including an easy-as-pie sync to DropBox, where you can export the database as a CSV file. There is a free "lite" version available for the iPhone if you want to try before you buy. Check out Tap Forms in the iTunes App Store.


  1. Thanks. It still needs to prove itself capable of providing a decent VOLUME of those beauties.

  2. Absolutely beautiful rose Paul. Do you use Tradescant a lot in breeding.

  3. Hi Rob,
    I used to use it about eight years ago and then quit once I got a decent seed bearing seedling from it ("Penny-Trad"), which I use quite a bit. However, I am returning to Tradescant itself for more of it's properties, including a more horizontal, branched architecture and dark color. It Rusts here quite easily, but I don't see that in it's offspring.

  4. I have one remaining seedling of yours that has Pennytrad as a parent. I hope that it blooms this spring with a beautiful blossom. 121-06-14 looks like a winner to me!

  5. wow. Crimson roses are becoming a favourite, have you had a chance to use Mustead Wood=DA for breeding. I have seen it and the blooms are huge, and alot like WShakespeare 2000. But recurrent according to my friend.