Monday, February 21, 2011

It only took a year.

R. glauca X ('Orangeade' R. fedtschenkoana)

This cross was planted in late February of 2010, and this is one of two seedlings that germinated in the tray.....a full year later! I had a feeling that these R. glauca seeds might take quite a while to germinate, so I kept the flat for a year. Good thing I did!

I'm not at all sure what to expect from a cross like this, but I am quite certain there will be no reblooming seedlings here. Like many hybridizers, I am interested in R. glauca because of its exceptionally graceful shrub architecture, and its unique bluish/pink tinted foliage. (Not to mention its excellent Winter hardiness, something most modern remontants lack entirely) The Rupert-bred R. fedtschenkoana hybrid that played pollen donor also has some unique traits, including its shrubby bush form and matte foliage that, while a bright grass green itself, tends to pass on bluish tones to its offspring. If I'm very lucky, I might find this is a match that emphasizes blue-tinted foliage so valued in R. glauca. It is a difficult species to work with, apparently, and even germinating the seeds, as I have seen, can be a challenge.

Further reading: Louis Riel is one of the more interesting R. glauca hybrids in commerce, and has been proven fertile in breeding. Very interesting indeed.


  1. Paul I got pretty good germination from R. glauca by changing the temperature back and forth every two to three weeks. Oh if you are going to select them by foliage color to grow on make sure they are out side for a while. I know under lights the foliage color did not develop and I think under glass the same would be true, but under sun light the foliage color began to show up.

  2. Would singing 'Happy Birthday' be appropriate? Congratulations on the seedling and on your patience, Paul.

  3. Congratulations, Paul! How neat you've succeeded in creating this cross! Now, if you want to further the blue foliage, would you like cuttings of this? It hasn't flowered yet, but I did succeed in getting one to root to fill a request. Kim

  4. This reminds me of eternal hope..never give up!!!