Friday, February 25, 2011

Unseasonable weather = unwelcome weather.

I've spent the past 48 hours moving far too many container roses into two of the six greenhouses so they can be protected in a propane-heated space during this cold snap. (Last night was not as cold as the anticipated 22F; tonight is expected to be as low as 15F!!! New foliage doesn't appreciate that kind of cold, ugh.)

The photo isn't particularly relevant to the discussion, it just illustrates that a bit of snow here, rare as it is, can render a pretty landscape. (panoramic image courtesy of my iPhone 4. Our technology is truly remarkable, ain't it?!)


  1. Too bad about the roses...that scape sure is purty!!

  2. Those temps would terrify me, especially now. Glad you have the heated greenhouses. It's beautiful though as long as your roses are OK.