Thursday, April 16, 2009

31-06-05: orange Rugosa seedling.

A few days ago I spoke about a seedling I am using in my work called "Joyseed", a cross of 'Joycie' and the Ralph Moore Rugosa hybrid "Magseed". I had mentioned how "Joyseed" was passing on traits like good coloring, attractive growth habit, etc. Well, here is an example of the kind of shrub "Joyseed" is breeding. Meet 31-06-05, a cross of 'Lilian Austin' X "Joyseed".

31-06-05 is still a young plant in a large container and is very early in the evaluation process. It blooms freely in clusters, with medium sized fully double blooms in a blend of yellow, orange and pink, making for a very pleasant color blend. It tends to be more pink when the Summer heat is on. It doesn't have a lot of fragrance unfortunately, but it does have an excellent shrub architecture, making a rounded, balanced shrub that looks like it will remain shapely without the need for a lot of "secateurial intervention". (IE: pruning) I will be using it in breeding this season (Spring 2009) as it showed last year that it sets seed readily.

You can see another photo of 31-06-05 at HelpMeFind.

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  1. Very nice, Paul! I've always felt that certain colors compliment certain forms of roses better than others, and I think that in this form and color, you've got a perfect match!

  2. Thank you Fa! I agree with you on that one.....certain colors are very much complimented by certain bloom forms. (I will be writing in a few days about a Beetroot crimson hybrid I have that is, in my mind, a superb combo of color and form.)

    What I really like about this rose is its growth habit: it is compact and well rounded and has the beautiful habit of breaking into 3 to 5 shoots at the tips of each basal shoot, which has the habit of expanding the perimeter of the bush proportionally as it expands. I think thats a valuable trait.

  3. This looks beautiful. How much rugosa influence is evident in this seedling Paul? Any nice textures in the leaves? I think it would be a shame to use rugosa and lose the rugosa altogether.

  4. Thanks Simon,
    The Rugosa leaf texture is not apparent at all, really. What I see is more of the Rugosa branching habit, which is a far more valuable trait in my estimation. While I like the Rugose foliage, its the first trait you lose when outcrossing into other groups, and I've become accustomed to that happening. I am going to be doing some work this year that brings together various Rugosa lines to see if the foliage character resurfaces. For example:

    "Magseed" X 'Belle Poitvine'
    "Magseed" X 'Rugosa Magnifica'
    "Schneezewerg F2" X "Magseed"
    "Magseed" X "Wil Alderman F2"

    etc, etc.
    These crosses are akin to what David Austin did when he bred 'Mrs Doreen Pike', which has a great deal of the "pure" Rugosa character. We'll see what comes of these!

    Glad you like this orange seedling. I plan on using it as a seed bearer this year, making crosses back to pure Rugosas also. I wonder if it will take 'Topaz Jewel' pollen??

  5. The color is bright and radiant, brilliant!
    I don't have many oranges in my garden, and I should.

  6. Hmmm... 'Topaz Jewel' or maybe 'Rugelda' too. Was looking at 'Agnes' but it's a direct cross with foetida... probably not the best idea though some more yellow rugosa would be excellent. I put my 'Scabrosa' x various miniature seeds in the fridge in a month... am very excited about this.

  7. I don't have 'Rugelda' but it shouldn't be too difficult to get pollen. I do have Moore's 'Keith's Delight' which is 1-72-1 X 'Rugelda', and it is fully fertile, so........

  8. Very pretty. I have pollen of my Livin' Easy X Robusta that you can use in your hybridizing program if you want it. Like your seedling, its leaves don't look rugosa. But it has a strong rugosa clove scent, and the flowers look more like a rugosa than Robusta's. Its pollen is very fertile. Take care, Enrique...