Friday, April 17, 2009

L83 by Svejda

L83 is listed as a Hybrid kordesii, created at the Canadian Experimental Agriculture Farm (aka AgCan) circa 1988. Its parentage is listed as R. kordesii X a 'Max Graf' derivative. This makes it a combination of only two species: R. wichurana and R. rugosa.

About as far from being a romantic name as you can get, L83 is potentially a very valuable breeding plant. Although it was not introduced into commerce, it has been exchanged from hybridizer to hybridizer over the years solely for the purpose of breeding new Winter hardy, disease free roses. These qualities it passes on quite readily. It also tends to pass on excellent, glossy foliage and superior vigor. Plants are a mix of climbers and shrubs, and many have very good repeat bloom. Unfortunately it is difficult to get it to breed any colors but pinks, but with perseverance it is possible. (See link to 77-07-23 below)

Noteable hybrids from L83 includes 'AC Marie Victorin, 'George Vancouver', 'Prairie Celebration', 'Rosy Vision', 'Irma', and 'Louis Jolliet'. I also have a number of seedlings currently being grown and evaluated, the most attractive so far being 77-07-23, a brilliant red cluster flowering shrub. Read more about it on HMF

More info available about L83 here on HMF

Pollen available during the Spring blooming season, submit a comment if you want any.


  1. Hi Paul,
    Very nice that you started this blog. I've consulted your website in many an occasion. For example, after having read your appraisal of Eugene de Beauhearnais, I managed to find a source for it in France and bought it. To grow in a pot, of course, in my climate.
    Of the Swedish L83 hybrids, I had Anna, which I discarded at some point. I have a single seedling from the cross Maiden's blush X Anna still growing, though. I also have Irma, which has very double, salmon pink flowers with a leathery texture. But Irma has a rather ugly growth habit, with thick, thorny shoots randomly emerging from underground. These two really are not very elegant roses. The Canadian ones look much better, though I don't have any of them yet.

    Helsinki, Finland

  2. Hello Jukka!
    Interesting what you say about the L83 hybrids you have grown. Too bad about 'Irma'; the photos I have seen all make it look quite attractive, but then nobody photographs the whole plant ;-)

    Did you look at the red L83 seedling I have now? It is still only a year old so I need more time to find out what its growing habit is. Perhaps it will be ugly as well, who knows?

    I hope you continue to work with L83, I think it makes some very attractive plants, but you have to weed out a lot of pinks!