Saturday, April 11, 2009


This seedling I simply refer to as "Joyseed", although it does have a numerical breeders code as well: 55-04-01 (click to view its entry in the HMF database)

Parentage: 'Joycie' X ('Anytime' X 'Rugosa Magnifica')

The Pollen parent, indicated by the contents of the brackets, is a breeder given to me by the accomplished California hybridizer Ralph Moore. It is a sister seedling to 'Linda Campbell', an outstanding Hybrid Rugosa shrub, and unlike 'Linda Campbell' it is fully fertile both as a female or a male. Ralph's nickname for this plant is "Magseed" and that is how I generally refer to it as well. "Magseed'" was released in commerce in Europe by Meilland but was never made available here in the US. Why, I do not know.

"Joyseed" shows little of the Rugosa character in its shrub habit, foliage and bloom, but I have seen evidence that some of the Rugosa traits reappear in its progeny. I have one seedling from 'Lilian Austin' X "Joyseed" that has some Rugosa foliage traits and a branching/flowering habit that is clearly influenced by Rugosa. My work so far with "Joyseed' has been limited but I will be stepping up my use of it this year, since some of the seedlings from '06 and '07 have been very promising.

Traits "Joyseed" passes on:
  • Fast rebloom
  • Abundant bloom production
  • Good color intensity in the orange/yellow blend range.
  • Excellent shrub habit; full and rounded, with abundant foilage.
  • Attractive foliage
  • Excellent vigor
  • Some Winter hardiness
There is evidence that it can breed fragrant offspring, but this is not its strong suit. Good scent is likely quite possible with selection of the right parent.

I am willing to distribute pollen of "Joyseed" to breeders who wish to incorporate it in their work.


  1. Very much enjoying your new blog, Paul! If you still have some of the "Joyseed" pollen available, I'd love to get some. Also, have you had any experience with either Magic Wand or Secret Recipe in your work? Thanks!

  2. Hey Rob, glad you like the blog.

    I won't have pollen available for a few weeks still, remind me in about a month?

    I have worked with Magic Wand, yes. It is a very capable breeder but most of what it does is miniatures under 15", many are very dwarf. It breeds a remarkable range of colors. It probably has a few tricks up its sleeve if you match it with something off the beaten path. I've never tried working with Secret Recipe just because I have never gotten around to it. Who knows what it might do!

  3. Thanks very much, Paul. Just getting used to the way that blogs work, so didn't realize that your response was awaiting :) I'll try to check in about a month to see if there is any "Joyseed" pollen available....

    Thank you!

  4. Just received the Joyseed pollen in the mail--thank you very much! I'm looking forward to starting to use it, possibly today....

    Thank you again, Paul!