Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome to the Paul Barden Roses blog.

After maintaining Paul Barden Roses, a broadly inclusive rose web site for over a decade, I found the task of maintaining it had become tedious and difficult to keep up with, and so my web site went fallow in 2007. It persists as an archive of a considerable amount of information amassed over the years, including significant contributions from many renowned authors in the rose world.

One of the greatest challenges I faced in recent years was the issue of image theft from my site. As a semi-retired professional photographer, I know the value of an original photograph and to have some of my best images taken again and again without my permission became discouraging. It was specifically this problem that led to the cessation of any new work being published there. While I do have plans to revise and update my original site, I have also chosen to divert some of my energy into this new Blog, which will be specifically about documenting and discussing the advances made in my breeding program. I plan on discussing the pedigree of individual plants I work with, show photos (properly watermarked for IP protection, of course) and opening up discussion on any topic related to the hybridizing of roses.

I hope you find this discussion entertaining and perhaps even enlightening.

Paul Barden


  1. Thank you Simon! It was YOUR blog that got me excited about starting one for myself, so thanks!

  2. Your knowledge and enthusiastic interest for roses is so extensive and infectious,
    don't ever stop sharing.....