Friday, January 22, 2010


Parentage: "0-47-19" (R. wichurana X 'Floradora') X 'Lilian Austin'. Possible triploid, but fully fertile. Repeats well, completely free of Blackspot, Mildew and Rust. It has a decent Apple-like scent. (Pardon this mediocre photo, it is apparently the only image I took of it)

This is a seedling that was planted out in the garden in 2005 and subsequently forgotten about: I had planted it in a section where other roses hid it from view for a while. I rediscovered it in the corner last Spring, tucked behind other roses and growing like a weed in spite of the fact that its irrigation had failed at least a year ago. I immediately set it to work as a seed bearer, noting that it was completely free of disease. I hope it may prove useful in my search for new lines of Blackspot immune roses. (R. wichurana is capable of breeding highly Blackspot resistant roses, we know that) Another trait R. wichurana often passes on to its progeny is ease of propagation by cuttings, and this seedling is no exception. I have a couple of band sized copies of this seedling which I am willing to share with other hybridizers. Contact me if you are seriously interested.


  1. Paul, what is a band? This is a term we don't use in Australia and I see it around all the time and have no idea what people are talking about! BTW... I have emailed you privately about another matter as well.

  2. Hi Simon.
    A "band" is the term applied to forestry containers used for deep rooted seed grown stock. They are usually in the range of 3" wide and 6" deep and do not taper at the bottom. The own root nursery industry in North America has adopted these as the preferred container for producing and shipping own root roses. :-)

  3. Ahhhh... I see! We call them tube-stock, or forestry tubes here and they come in both round and square versions... I use the round ones in the size you mention above for growing mini cuttings for sale at my children's primary school fundraisers.

  4. That rose itself is beautiful. I hope your efforts with it work out.