Saturday, January 23, 2010


This is a seedling from a cross of 'Yellow Charles Austin' and 'Out of Yesteryear'. It is by far the strongest yellow I have obtained from the 'Out of Yesteryear' breeding line. I used this in 2009 mostly as a pollen parent, obtaining a good amount of seed from the crosses attempted. All crosses using it as a seed parent failed and so I doubt this will ever set seed reliably (or at all).

Like many of the full sized Hybrid Bracteatas, this has rather sprawling/arching canes, eventually making a kind of bowl shaped plant. I don't recall that it has a particularly good fragrance. Foliage is dark green, glossy and quite healthy. I have chosen this as a test breeder because of that rich yellow coloring, which it will hopefully pass on to its offspring. Getting deeply pigmented hybrids from the 'Out of Yesteryear' breeding line has been particularly difficult. Maybe this seedling will be a turning point?

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