Monday, January 11, 2010

47-06-05: 'Joycie' X 'Fortune's Yellow'

Yet another seedling from this group. Larger foliage than some of the others, and the bloom was close to 2.5". Long arching canes to 5 feet so far, undoubtedly will get bigger. No pollen that I could find, and did not set seed. I doubt I will try to use it in breeding, as I dislike the muddled bloom form with the misshapen petaloids at the center.


  1. Very cool colours though... Next season, if my FDY cooperates, I plan to put it on 'Abraham Darby'. Do the colours change as it ages? Maybe I missed it somewhere... but does it show any tendency to remontancy?

  2. This seedling paled considerably before dropping, and none of this group has shown any inclination to start repeating, no. :-(