Saturday, March 13, 2010

100-09, stage two.

Today I potted up the seedlings from cross 100-09 ('Golden Angel' X 'Champlain'). I have over 100 individuals of this cross now, which is ideal. Ralph Moore told me that he believed that you weren't seeing the full scope of what was possible in a cross until you had at least 100 seedlings to look at.

Also noteworthy is that the seed parent, 'Golden Angel' is a known triploid, and yet I got nearly 98% germination from this cross. The popular mythology about triploids suggests that they are often infertile or have very limited fertility. Clearly that is not always true. I suspect if we did gene counts of many highly fertile parents, we'd discover many triploids.


  1. Paul.
    What is the germination medium seen here in these "plug trays"?

  2. Two tetraployd.
    Hybrid kordesii are resistant to black spot
    and mildew. Perhaps you will get red blooms dominace?
    Please, keep us updated.

  3. So how many crosses did you have to do to get this many? It seems like you must spend all spring with pollen on your fingers!!

    I really like this cross. With Golden Glow on one side. Then having Suzzane, R. kordesii on the other side. I do not know much about Red Dawn however.

    Do you know anything about Ralph Moore's 'Golden Angel x Soulieana'?