Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cross #100-09


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  1. Sorry to be posting so often, but sometimes I just feel, well, compelled to do so!....lol

    I think your incorporation of You Tube here is absolutely BRILLIANT.

    The seedlings look exquisitely healthy, Paul!

    I love those seedling "starter tray" things you show..what are they called....I am going to buy some of these, if they exist here.. ASAP.

    Congratulations on your Golden Angel germinations!

  2. George, there will be a lot more YouTube shorts included here in the months ahead, since I recently upgraded my iPhone to the 3Gs model, which includes a video camera and on-board video editing software. It will be a great way to do one and two minute videos on whats new in the greenhouse and gardens!

  3. Nice seedlings. Do you have any problems with them being planted so closely. I like the video of you cat. It looks like at the end she becomes aware that you are filming it.

  4. Wu,
    Actually, this was a bit of an experiment. I don't normally plant seeds in these "plug trays", but I wanted to see if I could simplify my process a bit by putting two or three seeds in each cell and then simply transplant each one when a seed germinated. I didn't expect EVERY seed to germinate, but in this cross it appears that I have gotten 98% germination. This just shows you that the whole mythology of "triploids are infertile" isn't always true. (Golden Angel is a confirmed triploid)

    I anticipate separating these seedlings when I transplant them in another week or two.