Friday, March 5, 2010

62-03-01: 'Precious Dream' X 'Muriel'

This seedling is the only one I kept from a very small batch of the cross of 'Precious Dream' X 'Muriel' I made in 2003. The idea was to work with two of the Moore Bracteata hybrids to create a breed line, emphasizing the R. bracteata characteristics. This seedling accomplished that in some ways: it doesn't bloom very freely, it is dreadfully thorny in the worst way (flesh-ripping fish hook style!) and has that awkward climbing habit similar to 'Muriel': sprawling, open growth that goes every which way.

I have barely used this seedling in breeding, in part because it flowers far later than most other roses, even when grown under plastic, and blooms only sparingly. in 2009 it didn't flower at all! Still, if I get anything from it this Spring, I will use it on some of my R. clinophylla hybrids and see where that leads me. (R. bracteata and R. clinophylla are closely related)

Note to my hybridizer buddies: I have one spare plant of 62-03-01 available to anyone who wants to use it in breeding. It is freeze tender, so it should go to someone in a hospitable climate ;-)


  1. Paul.

    Here with 62-03-01, you have succeeded in getting a strong red tone using the Moore Bracteata line, which in itself is a victory of sorts (given the reputation Muriel and its descendants have in breeding mostly pale colors).

    Your relatively cooler climate zone probably makes the task of working with such subtropical rose blood a little harder as well, I guess?!

  2. Indeed, George, we had a hard freeze in December which destroyed all but one twig of my large plant of R. bracteata. It was even protected inside one of the greenhouses! I can't grow Teas here out in the open air for the same reason.

  3. So then...I have NO excuses in my climate if I fail to get results with R.Bracteata..LOL

    Anyway, lets hope your 62-03-01 behaves well this spring and gives you loads of flowers for some interactioins with your Clinophylla derivatives!

  4. Paul, if nobody has taken up on the offer, I will take it-- and I can send you the pollen. I'm getting rid of The Pilgrim because it makes little pollen, and whatever seedling I've got... they're prone to mildew. The space is large and very sunny. Email me because I don't have your email anymore. (Just remove the hypens) a-m-o-a-n-i-m-u-s-@-g-m-a-i-l-.-c-o-m. Take care, Enrique