Sunday, March 21, 2010

R. 'Pteragonis'

"Pteragonis", a R. hugonis X R. sericea pteracantha hybrid by Max Krause, 1938. This was a gift from Gregg Lowery (Vintage Gardens) in 2009. I am attempting to use it in breeding, but without success so far. I think its just a matter of finding the right plant to mate it with. (I doubt modern China-derived hybrids are appropriate)

"Pteragonis" is very similar to R. sericea pteracantha, with the same ornate red thorns, but a larger flower in a pale butter yellow hue. It makes a very interesting specimen shrub with virtues that go far beyond that of an ordinary Spring blooming species hybrid.

For more info on "Pteragonis" see the HelpMeFind listing here.

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